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Animated pixel icons
Leenazenyo's by Kawazuka0
Missing-a-link's by Kawazuka0
Mineee by Kawazuka0
Fixed colour by Kawazuka0
Output Static by Kawazuka0
Some very nice person gave me a pretty big confidence boost about these, so i'll give these a try~
Don't have an example for one humanoid front on yet though.
Must have a decent reference, preferable to have a colour palette.
If you had a specific idea about the animation please let me know!




wOO QTS COLLAB by Kawazuka0
DuchessOfRoses had a crack ship collab thing and of courseee i felt the need to do it >:'D
My character Wreith on the left and her character Alex on the right~!
I think i just want to pair all my characters with hers i s2g x'D
Spiroooo by Kawazuka0
Pls teach me how to draw ferals i s2g anyone, i can see soo many things wrong with this but i just suck at drawing animalsss hahaaaaa
I actually drew this like ages ago but it sucked so i didn't want to post it OTL
Kuhaku Nai by Kawazuka0
Kuhaku Nai
Art trade with Jayyefire that i should have finished forever ago omg again, i'm rly sorry for my laziness :iconotlplz:
I hope everything looks okay as well! Though i really had a lot of fun with drawing her, i think that's probably the most effort i've ever put in to hair as well x'D
She is just such a gorgeous character ahh and i love her third eye, thank you for having been so patient with me about this too by the way! ;u;
Y u do dis? by Kawazuka0
Y u do dis?
It's the selfy gammmmeee and i waaaas tagged by DuchessOfRoses omg
idk why are selfies so hard to take i'm not looking at the camera because when i do it looks rly awkward and that was the only thing i could do with my hair that didn't look stupid |D
my hair looks better short i think idkk whehjkfsh

Someone will start the game. They will post the selfie, and tag at least three people. 
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. If not, the chain “breaks” and will either start over/be passed on to someone else.

  1. The person you tagged only has 24 hours to post a selfie, no more!
  2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours! [I will most likely do this!! OTL]
  3. You must show the person who tagged you the selfie you posted!

idkkk i tag:

also u dont all have to except for u Req,  u should do it once you get ur halloween stuff cus' it looks hella rad
omg i know i'm supposed to be doing other things but just moved houses and didn't have internet for a lil bit too so did this while interneet was gooone~
so this is for you DuchessOfRoses of that lil Cyrin you own and i just love her cuteness omfg also sorryy cus' i know i'm supposed to do those other icons for you as well x'D;


Kawazuka0's Profile Picture
Ereri pixel by Kawazuka0

:iconiluplz:The shipping list::iconiluplz:

Higatsu x Nero x Caleb
Kawazuka0 Page Pixel Commission 2/2 by OceleinKawazuka0 Page Pixel Commission 1/2 by Ocelein

Royale x Mairu

Yami x Misty

Janvier x Aerilyn

Iconsss & pixelssss:iconiluplz:
Soft Cyrin by IAmAMomesterMother Nature by IAmAMomesterLight Up My Waters by IAmAMomesterSailor Kawaii by IAmAMomesterYou Stole My Heart by IAmAMomesterThe Beauty is Talking by IAmAMomesterPurple by IAmAMomesterSneaky by IAmAMomesterPastel by IAmAMomester

Characters that i've pixeled ;u;
Edmond _ Skylar __ Nero __Caleb_ Higatsu _ Xiao Ling
Edmond pixel icon by Kawazuka0Skylar pixel icon by Kawazuka0Nero pixel icon by Kawazuka0Caleb is a dork by Kawazuka0Higatsu pixel icon by Kawazuka0Xiao pixel icon by Kawazuka0
Just like
a note on things i need to do because i've got quite a few things i need to finish and might be busy for a bit as well cause i'm moving house ahhh
Not necessarily in order of when i'll be doing them tho

Raspinbel2 & AzureLight12

Art trades

kawaiihoshi-san of Yasushi and Sora (fem)
DuchessOfRoses (refs saved in

idk i can't remember what other icons atm but i know there are more if you see this and you asked me for one pls remind me

and draw likee all of my characters especially my twins and Leo ahh but the twins rly need names plus a shit ton of other characters of mine that don't have names OTL

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